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About my shop

A few things to know about my shop:

Part Quality

All parts listed as NEW are BRAND NEW direct from sealed sets either purchased in retail stores, or direct from LEGO.

NEW does not mean MINT!! These pieces have traveled thousands of miles to reach me before I sort them and send them on to you. Minor scratches from rubbing against each other are to be expected. Minor defects or dips occur in most LEGO pieces straight from the factory.
All minifigures, unless listed otherwise, are shipped unassembled. Each figures comes in it's own ziplock baggie with capes kept separate. If you would like your minifigures shipped assembled, please let me know this, and I would be happy to have the pleasure of assembling them for you.

Defective parts are not sold!

All parts are double sealed and stored in a smoke free home.

Parts that are listed as USED range from almost new to scratched and slightly discolored. Dirty parts and excessively scratched or chewed are not sold. If you have questions on any part please email me before buying.

Small orders, and not so small orders are wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a kraft or poly mailer . Anything too big to fit in a mailer will be shipped in a box. New lots and used lots are kept separated. I will often combine 3-5 lots per bag depending on the number of items in each lot. Tiles are placed together in as small a bag as possible to prevent them from being shaken against each other in transit. If you have any packaging concerns, please let me know these when you are placing your order.

Part Inventory

The inventory listed in my store is as accurate as possible. but sometimes a piece might be missing or impossible to find. If it is just a part or two I will refund the value of what is missing in the order.  If it is something bigger or an important part of the order, an email will be sent so that we can reach a solution together. 

Part Differences

Please note that I do not separate parts that are virtually the same but with very minor differences. For example the 1x1 brick modified with headlight, some variations have a tiny slot in them. If it is important to have the exact kind on these types of pieces, please send a query email prior to purchasing them.


I will leave feedback for you when I ship your order. I am very prompt about this, so if you receive your order and notice that I haven't left you feedback please send me a note and I will get right on it.  I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave feedback for me once you have received and verified your order. And please if I have made a human error and messed something up give me a chance to make things right before leaving negative feedback.


I reserve the right to cancel questionable orders at my discretion--Soley based on buyer feedback and reputation. Last Updated: 25 Jun 2014